A-Point Group

A concrete approach to sustainability!

Evert Overtoom, general director of the A-Point Group:
“Turn is able to translate sustainopreneurship to practice in a short time frame, also the passion of Anna during training sessions not only creates awareness but also the ability to look at a subject from a different perspective.

What did we ask Turn?

We want to take responsibility for the environment and social engagement on a corporate level. We want our customers not only to be satisfied with our complete mobility-solutions, but also with us as their partner in sustainable undertaking. However, where do you start and how do you involve employees with this process? We asked Turn to support us with the development and implementation of our sustainable entrepreneurship.

What did Turn do for us?

Having a sustainable business was already high on our list, just as we already have done undertakings with solar panels and being Sustainable Plus Automotive certified for all our offices. Turn has documented our current situation in regards to sustainable entrepreneurship and further developed our strategy, converting it into a specific plan. Step one is to communicate what you already do and what your ambition encompasses. The next step is to make people responsible for that ambition and internally secure resources. Finally maintenance is important. That is why Turn has also given a number of CSR training sesions to a part of our staff, whilst new training courses are currently being scheduled.

What were the results?

In the second half of 2015 we launched an online platform to communicate our CSR activities. The policy statement on the subject of sustainable entrepreneurship is drafted on the basis of our core values, with clearly defined objectives. Or employees were enthusiastic about the CSR training. One reaction of a participant: “Educational, important, up-to-date subject”. Turn will keep supporting us with the further implementation of our sustainable entrepreneurship policy.