Concrete cooperation, motivated and involved parties

Samen Bereikbaar BAR
Accessible, together.

"Turn is able to make cooperation truly material, to stimulate and bind involved parties. Turn is practical, manages to get ‘smart and sustainable travel’ on the agenda and ensures concrete results."

What did we ask of Turn? 

The employers platform ‘Samen Bereikbaar’ started in 2015/2016 in Drechtsteden. The question for the BAR-region was:  does this platform also meet the needs for our companies, and if the platform can concretise the ambitions of the municipalities in regards to accessibility and sustainability. Consequently we asked Turn to build up the platform in the BAR and recruit employers to join up.

What did Turn do for us?

Turn has inventorised the demand for smart and sustainable travel with a number of leading employers in the BAR. Thereafter Turn approached these companies to join the platform ‘Samen Bereikbaar’. Important in this case was the compatibility with other municipal projects, the activities of the ‘Verkeersonderneming’ (Traffic Management Company) and the companies to be found in the Drechtsteden.

What were the results? 

The kick-off meeting was a provisional milestone where the collaboration between local business, municipalities and province was central. During this meeting ten employers signed the letter of intent to reduce their peak-hour car traffic by 10%. These first 10 'ambassadors' shape  the beginning of an employers network with the potential to bring in more companies and get started with the subject of smart and sustainable travel.