IVA Driebergen Business School

To concretely and concisely convert the developments in the automotive industry into a clearly defined plan of action.

IVA Driebergen Business School
“At the IVA, Turn has decisively and categorically executed an analysis and developed a plan of approach, by which the IVA could start future-proofing the Technical Center in a targeted manner.”

What did we ask Turn?

The rapid changes in the automotive industry caused IVA to seek out branch specialists to formulate a vision on tomorrows market and find out if IVA policy governing their Technical center was still in alignment with the requirements of this future market. IVA could then adjust their technical curriculum to meet any foreseeable challenges.

What did Turn do for us?

The IVA is continuously working to adapt the educational program to the desires of the market. Because of the increasing pace of market developments there was a need for looking further ahead than just the desires of the current market. Turn has based their analysis on the current status of the Technical Center. Consequently, due to their vision of the future, Turn has planned an approach containing 11 specific recommendations. The Technical Center of the IVA then could get to work in a focused manner.

What was the result?

Early in 2016 a work group within the IVA began implementing the recommendations in the Turn report.