Paul van Welij - Manager Renault Academy
“I can fully depend on the Turn people; independently and in an engaged manner they execute training courses and bring along new training course forms to optimize the results. They have an eye for detail without losing sight of the bigger picture.” Turn aids us in professionally shaping our own training courses. Through the passion and effort that Turn brings along we are able to provide active and inspiring training sessions.

What did we ask of Turn?

RENAULT THE NETHERLANDS is introducing a completely renewed product spectrum at a fast pace. The new styling and technology helps RENAULT to achieve even higher levels of excellence. Turn teaches our dealer employees to handle these new products, as well as cope and predict the expectations that our customers have in all aspects of communication and behavior.

What did Turn do for us?

Starting with the planning of a new product training course, Turn works alongside us shaping and filling in the program.
After that they will go ahead and develop the training. They do all this twhilst taking into consideration the organisational structure and required learning targets.

What are the results?

After the training course our employees go home satisfied, updated with new knowledge and insights. This way Turn helps with the implementation of the new positioning of RENAULT.