Renault Nederlands

Even more involvement and attention for quality management and customer experience

Dennis Geerling - Manager Quality & Methods

I am working with Johannes van de Water Since September 2016 in his role as C@RE coach. A dream team of external, highly qualified coaches were hired for this  position by RENAULT NETHERLANDS to form a (neutral) bridge between Renault Nederland and its dealer network in the areas of quality management and customer experience. Johannes is one of the four C@RE coaches in this programme. I really appreciate him because of his (1) knowledge and expertise in this field as well as (2) his ability to not-avoid a discussion and (3) his enthusiasm in the search for ‘the connecting factor’ and improvement of the end result.

What did we ask of Turn?

Starting in September 2016 RENAULT NEDERLAND commenced with the C@RE coaching-process  to support its management and dealer network in the areas of quality management as well as customer experience. Consequently RENAULT NEDERLAND participates in the international C@RE-programme - aimed at  implementation of a customer oriented Renault-experience in all touchpoints and at all locations in its dealer network. Turn Business Improvement has been involved in this programme from the beginning - personified by Johannes van de Water as C@RE-coach.

What did Turn do for us?

Johannes van de Water is C@RE coach at three of the largest Renault dealer holdings in the Netherlands. After an extensive diagnosis at the various branches within those companies Johannes is currently collaborating with the management to implement remedial plans focused on quality management and customer experience within the diagnosed ‘Moments of Truth’. With one of the companies Johannes also supervised the results of two customer panels (sales and aftersales oriented, respectively).

What are the obtained results?

Dennis Geerling: “Even more involvement and focus on quality management and customer experience among our dealer’s employees; this in turn will lead to an improvement of the ‘Renault customer experience’. At this moment the first steps in improvement of Customer Satisfaction scores on a branch level have been accomplished. I am convinced that these results will translate into more organic growth of satisfaction among Renault-drivers in the Netherlands. Ultimately we want all our customers to undergo the new Renault-Experience.”