Van Mossel Group

From knowing to doing!

Van Mossel Group – John de Jong
“Turn makes CSR tangible and, in easy steps, indicates the actions we have to realize as an organization. Turn works accurately and has a realistic, pragmatic vision on sustainable entrepreneurship.”

What did we ask Turn?

We already were committed to CSR, but were lacking a uniform strategy or vision. Turn was asked to develop the strategic framework and an action plan.

What did Turn do for us?

An organization never starts at 0 percent sustainability, and neither do we. That is why we started doing group interviews to establish an inventory of which activities were already taking place and what the participants were in need of. The fun thing about group interviewing is that you are able to implicitly create awareness for the subject. Besides that, the participants learned from each other about the opportunities of CSR. Turn wrote the strategic framework, with clear responsibilities and tasks to convert the written ambition from concept to reality.

What was the result?

A durable strategic framework has been developed. The implementation phase was also one of Turn’s responsibilities, of which internal sustainability and online communication were of the highest priority. Meanwhile we have certified all our offices as certified for Sustainable Plus Automotive and you can find information online about the CSR policies of the Van Mossel Group.