Amega Groep

Sustainability finally set out in concrete terms!

Leen de Koning from Amega
"Turn is quickly able to translate sustainability into a concrete plan and at the same time ensure that internal awareness is created. An approach that makes sense in the long run."

What did we ask Turn?

We saw that sustainability was becoming increasingly important in the retail industry. But how do you firmly establish sustainability and what steps do you take to create maximum impact?

What did Turn do for us?

Of course we didn't start from scratch, we had already conducted some sustainability-related business. This is why Turn first inventoried what was possibly already being done on sustainability within Amega. Step one is communicating what you already do and what your ambition is. The next step is to make people responsible for this ambition and to secure it internally. Finally, maintenance is important. Sustainability doesn't stand still and keeping the subject alive is the most important part of success.

What was the result?

A sound strategy and plan of action was put together within 6 weeks. By adopting this approach and building Amega's identity in accordance with sustainability, at the internal level it became clear what Amega stands for. And not entirely without merit, Amega received the Vaartmakers Award in 2014. (See: Vaartmakers)