Autoland van den Brug

Outward expression of our internal values!

Arjan van Nieuwenhoven from Autoland van den Brug
"Turn offers an optimal mix. They are a serious discussion partner for the Board, but at the same time they are not threatening during our employees' observation and training programmes. Because they become part of the company so easily it feels as though they are helping, from the inside, to take the next step in quality".

What did we ask Turn?

Autoland van den Brug located in Drachten (dealer of Audi, Seat, Skoda, Suzuki, Volkswagen and Volkswagen company cars) would very much like to be an attentive dealer for its customers. An excellent level of customer satisfaction is applicable here. How do we achieve this excellent customer satisfaction and how can employees make a difference?

What did Turn do for us?

After a brief analysis of processes, internal interaction and interaction with customers, we were able to get to work: a clear report with recommendations for the Board, after which things quickly got into gear. Colliding processes were improved and streamlined while employees learned a different way of communicating with both customers and one another.

What is the result?

After 4 months of intensive work, including analysis, training, coaching, management interventions and evaluations, not only was Van den Brug rightly able to call himself an excellent dealer but the highest level was achieved too: Audi dealer of the year.