Bouwbedrijf van Deelen

Taking sustainability to the next level!

Bouwbedrijf van Deelen – Jan Pijl
"What is needed in order to embed sustainability in an organisation? Turn makes sustainability tangible. We already do a lot with sustainability but thanks to Turn all of that has now been placed in a clear strategic framework! Furthermore, they have created a readable policy document (not entirely unimportant with this complex subject) that we can use externally."

What did we ask Turn?

We asked Turn to compile all existing initiatives and certification and to place these in a single overview to make it possible to work on the basis of a clear strategic framework in the future.

What did Turn do for us?

We already do a lot in the field of sustainability but a coordinating policy document covering ISO 14001, FSC and the CO2 performance ladder wasn't available yet. The 'policy framework on sustainability' has been written and the activities named that need to be undertaken in order to take sustainability to the next level.

What was the result?

A sound policy framework and plan of action was ready within 8 weeks. Turn's approach combined with building Bouwbedrijf van Deelen's identity on sustainability, makes it clear internally what Bouwbedrijf van Deelen stands for. Turn is also involved in the writing of the first sustainability report in 2015.