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We have sustainability firmly on our agenda

Hegeman Group

"For the last 2 years we have been successfully certified for Sustainable Automotive (Erkend Duurzaam). This was made possible by working with Turn, whose guidance and support have proven invaluable time and time again."

What did Hegeman ask of Turn?
With Hegeman, sustainability is an essential part of our business and we deem it important to have ourselves certified by the Institute of Sustainable Mobility (IvdM). Turn was asked to support Hegeman during the certification process as well as to translate the report of the audit into specific calls to action for improvement.

What did Turn do for Hegeman?
In coordination with Turn the certification process was prepared all the way up to the audit process. In addition to this Turn has also, within the certification guidelines, provided counselling on points of improvement for the coming year.

What are the results?
In 2014 Hegeman was successfully approved for the “Erkend Duurzaam” certificate. Also with regards to the re-certification process in 2015 Turn was actively engaged and Hegeman managed to get a 92% score!