From technology to customer experience

Moving Intelligence – Patrick Horst
"I'm impressed by Turn's approach! The professional and personal approach has transported our sales team to the next level. All facing the same direction and from technology to customer experience."

What did we ask Turn?

We have clearly-defined growth targets and we rapidly develop new products and services. But what's the strategy from which 'Moving Intelligence' operates in order to remain successful in the future? We were looking for a party that could help to further shape and substantiate the strategy. In addition to this, we also asked for support from Turn during the operational implementation of the strategy. For instance, Turn supported us in the development of new products and services and with the further development of the sales skills within the organisation.

What did Turn do for us?

Turn based the strategy on the 'why' during a number of strategic sessions with the sales team. 'Moving Intelligence', but why is it 'Moving Intelligence', and why are the employees happy to get up out of their beds for this work? This analysis has been used to further develop the shared core values and the overall sales pitch.

What was the result?

The result of the sessions goes further than a 'good story'. By gaining insight into the opportunities and risks of the market. The sessions resulted in an increase of customer satisfaction based reasoning and thinking in terms of total solutions.