[Who we are]

Turn is no-nonsense, open, vigorous, always enterprising and driven by its enthusiasm. It's in our name; we take a good look from all angles before diving in at the deep end.

[Inspiring trainer/coach]


[Johannes van de Water]

Guardian of human potential. He is keen to investigate where the blockages and limiting beliefs are located. Consequently, people break through their own barriers, they take steps in being able to do things, in being unafraid to do them, in wanting to do them.

It is wonderful to allow people to discover a new level within themselves. If we can then create an environment in which a person can apply these new insights, it's Bingo!

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[Pragmatic strategist]


[Anna Schouten]

A lady with spirit and a penchant for sustainability. A passion-driven quick thinker. Anna thrives on the energy she gets when able to make complex cases workable.

Sustainability's success lies in raising awareness and its pragmatic conversion into added value.

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